As far as streetable open-track cars go, the KTM X-Bow is in a very exclusive class, kept company primarily by the Ariel Atom and the Lotus 2-Eleven. But KTM is reportedly planning to up the ante with a pair of new models, including a race-bred R model and a more practical T model.

The R model will likely be an evolution of the GT4 car that's been on sale since 2008. The major change for the new model is an upgraded powerplant generating at least 300 horsepower, a significant jump from the current car's 237 horsepower. Even with the smaller engine, however, the X-Bow Race is capable of 3.9-second 0-60 mph sprints. The new model should shave that significantly closer to the 3.0-second mark. The new X-Bow R should be out next year.

The T model will up the comfort and practicality factor a bit for folks looking to get more double-duty out of the X-Bows, adding a windshield to divert air over the cockpit. That will no doubt be a welcome addition for those that would like to drive the car without wearing a helmet all the time. The X-Bow T will wait until 2012 to hit the streets.

The resurgence of new models is also a welcome occasion, as KTM had previously stopped production of the X-Bow due to low demand as the world economy hit the doldrums of 2008 and 2009. The new model plans, however, indicate that not only is KTM going to stick with the X-Bow project, but continue to develop it into the future.