Plans for the electric version of the SLS AMG have been official since the 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show, but now it looks like Mercedes-Benz has built a prototype. Painted in bright yellow and wearing E-Cell badges, the final product is impressive, both in appearance and in statistics. Today, we have a video detailing the car as well.

The car, apparently previewed by Germany's Auto Bild, is claimed to have 526 horsepower on tap from the battery/electric drive system, is capable of 3.8-second 0-62 mph and 10.8 second 0-124 mph runs, and fits within the combustion-powered SLS AMG's fantastic-looking package.

Power is delivered to four motors, one at each wheel, just as previewed in the official layout diagrams. As with most electric vehicles, the gearbox is skipped altogether, using the high torque and wide RPM range of the electric motors. Braking is handled by a dual system, incorporating traditional discs and regenerative braking through the motors to recharge the batteries.

Price is even estimated in the report, with the expectation of a European retail starting point of about 250,000 euros. Translation to our market is tough, as costs and volumes vary hugely, but expect it to be significantly pricier than the $183,000 base of the standard SLS AMG. Mercedes has previously stated the SLS AMG electric will be on sale by 2013.

Hit the link below to see the full gallery, but have your translator ready unless you read German. Same goes for the video.

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