MINI Seeking Porsche Driver To Carry Challenge Forward

MINI Seeking Porsche Driver To Carry Challenge Forward

When Porsche refused to accept MINI's challenge of a lap around Road Atlanta pitting the MINI Cooper S against the Porsche 911 S, we thought it might just end there. But the tenacious little brand is fighting onward, putting out the public call for Porsche drivers to come fill in for the factory.

The call is for anyone who thinks they're up to the challenge, whether they supply their own 911 S or drive one supplied by MINI. Taking the challenge to this level--complete with a Rocky IV spoof video of the MINI's "training"--shows the brand really is serious about winning the face-off. Which is, on paper at least, more than a bit surprising.

On the other hand, this actually isn't the first time the two have been pitted against each other--by proxy, at least. In the second video below, featuring the Ringmini, Sabine Schmitz in a new Cooper S, and a bit later on, the Porsche, the results say it may be a bit closer overall than you'd expect--but still not a likely win for MINI.

While the Ringmini (a heavily modified original Mini) easily dispatches the new MINI Cooper S, it hangs on to the tail of the Porsche like it's glued there, even briefly passing the rear-engined sports car. The final results don't bode well for the Cooper S, though, as the Porsche crosses the line about 9 seconds ahead of the Ringmini, which beat the Cooper S by an even greater margin.

It all comes down to putting rubber on the road this Monday, June 21, at Road Atlanta, though, so stay tuned to see if MINI can pull off this upset.

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