It seems like just the other week we reported on a Lamborghini Gallardo crashing in the wet--oh wait, we did. Now, a second Lambo, a blue 2009 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder has suffered the same fate, crashing into two park cars during a severe storm in Staten Island, New York.

Unlike the crash that took place in Sydney, Australia last week, this latest accident looks a lot more serious. One of the parked cars the Lamborghini hit was pushed off the road and right across the sidewalk. The complete front end of the Lamborghini, meanwhile, has been smashed in and almost the entire side of the car too. Fortunately, it looks like there hasn’t been any damaged sustained to the engine portion of the supercar.

It looks like the driver didn’t adhere to the old adage of slowing down in the wet. We just hope he or she wasn't too seriously hurt in the crash. Follow the jump below to see more footage of the gruesome damage.

[Wrecked Exotics]