think city

think city

According to Autocar, the BBC plans to take a Think City electric vehicle on a trip throughout Europe later this month.  The group's goal is to evaluate the region's readiness for the growth of the electric car.  Their itinerary includes destinations such as Harwich, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Germany, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Denmark.  The 4000 mile journey will begin and end in London.

The success of the electric vehicle depends heavily on the proof that it can provide its drivers with a range comparable to that of its petroleum-thirsty counterparts.  Whether that comes in the form of longer lasting batteries, or a denser network of charging locations, it's exactly what will be needed to bring confidence to consumers.

I'm interested to see what conclusions will be drawn from BBC's expedition with the Think City.  I see areas like Europe and Asia being more ready and willing to invite the EV into their cultures.  We Americans love our relatively cheap gas, big cars, and do plenty of driving.  We have grown accustomed to gas stations on practically every corner.  I would argue that Americans aren't quite ready to fully embrace the electric vehicle, but times are changing, thanks to economic instability and government regulations.

What do you think--how far could one travel across America in an EV?  What countries do you think are best equipped for EV travel?  What would it take for you to be comfortable making a road trip without the petroleum safety blanket?