A Maybach that actually looks good? Yes, it's true, though it's not entirely a Maybach. It's a XENATEC Coupe, based on the Maybach 57S. We have the full high-res official imagery and info on this custom-order car, and it's shaping up to be brilliant.

Each model is converted to the Coupe specification individually, built with key information direct from Daimler, Maybach's parent company. Engineered, designed and built completely in-house at XENATEC, the company promises a two-door, four-seat coupe layout with a fully coachbuilt, individualized theme for each customer, as it was done "in the twenties and thirties."

The car's performance and wheelbase are left untouched, but the rest of the car is essentially completely new, inside and out. The B-pillar is moved back 8 inches, while the A- and C-pillars are reshaped to meet the coupe profile. The doors, side panels, bumpers, and front and rear fenders are all custom-made for the XENATEC Coupe. The rear fenders are 20mm wider to allow for a bit more tire, while 20- or 21-inch wheels can be specified at all four corners. Customers can choose from a two-tone or single-color exterior paint finish.

Inside, the seats get "a more sporty shape," and an all-glass roof will be available. Further down the road, "Sports" and "EVO" versions will be made available--potentially foreshadowing more performance-focused upgrades.

The first XENATEC Coupe will be delivered in July. Pricing starts from 650,000 euros (about $812,000), not counting import duties and taxes. Only 100 will be built, and the company is looking to the Middle East, Far East, Russia and the U.S. as the key markets, so you'd better get yours before the sheiks and corporate overlords snatch them all up ten at a time.