All-white Aston Martin One-77

All-white Aston Martin One-77

The era of epic supercars is certainly not over at Aston Martin, with the automaker confirming the development of a brand new flagship: the One-77 supercar. The bespoke, hand-crafted supercar is set to start delivery later this year but the first customer car has gone out for stroll on the streets of London this past week.

Finished in all-white, the 700 horsepower supercar drove from Central London to Silverstone to celebrate the opening of the new Grand Prix circuit. In pursuit were a bevy of supercars including the Nissan GT-R, Ferrari 550 and several fellow Aston Martins.

If you have been living under a rock for the past year, the Aston Martin One-77 is being built not just as a halo car, but as an ultra-halo car, a sort of rekindling of the legacy of Aston Martin, plus a projection of the brand into the future. It's designed to be the most quintessential Aston Martin ever, and the most perfectly personalized car available.

The structural core of the One-77 is a lightweight and immensely rigid carbon-fiber monocoque and attached to this tub is a set of double wishbones at each corner, with pushrods employed to transfer vertical suspension movements to the horizontally mounted spring/damper units.

Power comes from a V-12 measuring 7.3-liters and rated at 700 horsepower. Wearing Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires (255mm up front and 335mm up back) developed specifically for it, all that power is transmitted to the road through the rear wheels via a new six-speed sequential manual gearbox.

The custom-built nature of the One-77 echoes personalization programs recently undertaken by Lamborghini and Ferrari. Buyers will be able to customize every single part of the car, from the gearbox to the interior trim elements. Even the seats will be tailored to fit the driver and passenger’s individual curves. As the company CEO Ulrich Bez explains, the car should fit the owner like a tailored suit.

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