Aston Martin One-77

  • Aston Martin One-77

    Earlier this year reports came out claiming that the upcoming Aston Martin One-77 supercar, which is to be produced in a limited run of just 77 cars, had already been sold out and that 10 of the cars were going to just one buyer from the Middle East. While these reports later proved to be untrue, the One-77 has been a roaring success for Aston Martin and most of the cars have in fact been accounted for--despite a pricetag ranging as high as $1.87 million before taxes are included. According to Aston Martin, 60 of the 77 supercars have been sold. Interestingly, most of the One-77 customers are...

  • 2010 Aston Martin One-77
    Report: Ten Aston Martin One-77 Supercars Sold To Single Buyer

    The Aston Martin One-77 supercar is all about exclusivity. With a pricetag of $1.7 million and a limited production run of just 77 units, it’s easy to say that for most people, getting your hands on one is next to impossible. However, for a mystery buyer from the Middle East, no less than ten...

  • All-white Aston Martin One-77
    All-White Aston Martin One-77 Out For A Stroll

    The era of epic supercars is certainly not over at Aston Martin, with the automaker confirming the development of a brand new flagship: the One-77 supercar. The bespoke, hand-crafted supercar is set to start delivery later this year but the first customer car has gone out for stroll on the streets...

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