What would any 'Vette fan want to do most after looking over some of the finest examples of the car's motorsports history and memorabilia? Drive their own car on a track, of course--and that's exactly the experience the Corvette Museum is looking to deliver with their new Motorsports Park.

Just across the freeway from the museum itself, the park will hold two road courses, one of which will be the longest track in the U.S., plus a karting track, 10-acre autocross pad, skid pad training area and a 1/4 mile dragstrip. In short, it's Mecca for the motorsports-minded Corvette fan.

The best part of the road course isn't just it's size, however. Its overall layout is modeled on the Le Mans circuit in France, and the East layout of the track has a corner modeled after the Nurburgring's Karussel. To top it off, there's a take on the Bus Stop from Watkins Glen at the base of the two tracks as well. Sound like fun? It does to us too.

All of this awesome won't come cheap, however. The expected budget for the park is $35,000,000, and it will take two to three years to complete. Fundraising is underway, and the bulk of the cost will have to be raised before construction will begin.

For the full details on the course and the Corvette Museum's plans, check out the official site below.

[Corvette Museum Motorsports Park]