It's happened to all of us at least once: sipping a glass of Chateau Petrus aboard your personal jet as you hop over from Paris to Nice for a late lunch with a friend, you look around the cabin and think, "I wish this were more like my Bimmer." Well, friends, problem solved: just pick up a new Embraer and you'll have the finest airplane experience BMW DesignworksUSA can provide.

So not all of us have the scratch to own a personal Embraer, but those that do will be glad to hear that the newest Phenom 100 and Phenom 300 jets have just been officially re-worked by BMW's DesignworksUSA. Of course, the pilots and crew get the best in comfort and convenience as well.

The style and materials are familiar to any Bimmer fan, though they aren't a straight lift of any automotive pieces. Designed and crafted for the specific application of executive in-cabin luxury and comfort, they nevertheless shared a set of goals with cars like the 7-Series and Rolls-Royce brand vehicles: long-distance comfort, space and amenities wrapped in fine materials, and built to last.

It's a partnership that makes sense, though we have to admit, we're glad we don't have problems like deciding between which Bentley watch to put on in the morning, or how to dress up the interior of our light jet for the upcoming intercontinental dinner party season. Give us an M5 (or an Alpina B7), and we'll wave as we pass the jets lined up at the Eyjafjallajoekull-grounded airport.