You may be one of the privileged few who'll actually get a chance to own the Ferrari 599 GTO or you may be like the rest of us, but either way, you can now configure the car to your heart's content online thanks to the official configuration tool.

Though the striking black-on-red combination of the car revealed today is hard to beat, there's nothing stopping you from selecting any of a wide range of metallic, non-metallic and vintage 1950s-1960s colors or a range of racing livery setups that give the car special accents on the hood, mirrors and roof--and just about any combination of the above.

There are also several choices for wheel colors, a huge array of interior materials including leather and Alcantara, colors, and stitching options, three types and sizes of seats, a choice of three-point or four-point seat belts, a Bose stereo system, navigation, iPod compatibility, rev counter, and you can even add a fire extinguisher, airbag-off kit, roll bar, custom luggage set, and more.

You can see one take on a custom 599 GTO above. Hit up the configurator and build your dream GTO, whether you'll actually be picking it up or not.