The Nissan GT-R is the quintessential Japanese sports car--high-tech, efficient and with styling that could only have come from the Land of the Rising Sun--but when it comes to performance tuning of the latest R35 model, America is king.

AMS Performance, based in Chicago, Illinois, currently builds the world’s fastest R35 Nissan GT-R. With a peak output of 850 horsepower (dynoed at more than 760 horsepower at all four wheels), AMS’ SR850 package for the Nissan GT-R managed to run a 9.89 second quarter mile with a trap speed of 145.98 mph in Houston, Texas.

This time not only made the AMS-prepped GT-R fastest on the day but also fastest in the world.

Pricing for all that power and glory starts at $21,999.95, plus a GT-R.

Modifications to the car include a custom 3.5 inch high-flow exhaust system, upgraded ball bearing turbochargers and custom wastegate actuators, a new intercooler and HKS blow-off valves, as well as high-flow intake piping with K&N air filters. Other necessities include upgraded fuel injectors, a re-calibrated ECU and Cobb AccessPORT tuning system.

We wonder how long it will take one of Japan’s tuning powerhouses like HKS or Mines to come out with a faster Godzilla.

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