Dealers are always a little hesitant to lend out expensive cars for test drives so imagine the feeling one dealership in the U.K. must have felt when an exotic supercar it lent out to one individual ended up in a crash.

A Pagani Zonda S, similar to the one pictured here, suffered a crash during a test drive in Aberdeen in the UK last September. Fortunately for its owners it was insured because the bill to repair it cost upwards of $445,000, which includes transportation of the car to Pagani’s factory in Modena in Italy for repairs. If you’re thinking the car should have just been a write-off, remember that the Pagani Zonda S itself is valued at around $750,000.

Speaking with the BBC, a spokesperson for insurance company Aviva said: "This is the biggest insurance payout we have had for repairs to a private car in the U.K."

Interestingly, the insurance claim was lodged by the test driver, not the owner of the car.

While $445,000 may seem steep, note that there’s also an inherent loss of value now that the car has had accident damage--but if it’s going back to the factory then any future owner can probably expect something nearly as good as a brand new Zonda.


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