So Ken Block and Travis Pastrana are responsible for some of the most interesting and anticipated Internet videos of 2009 in the form of the Gymkhana 2 video and Pastrana's upcoming New Year's Eve jump into the Long Beach harbor. But these two videos bring something new to the table.

The first is a highlight reel from the "Game of Suck" which apparently involves breaking a lot of fishbowls full of paintballs suspended on wooden stands. This one is classic Block/Pastrana: tire smoke, powerslides and close calls galore, all on open asphalt an in super-slow-motion.

The second video is a mind bending freakshow of hallucinogenic proportions. There's really no explaining it; just go experience it if you want to see what it's like to be the egg in the frying pan in those classic anti-drug commercials.

Whatever your speed, these two videos are a great way to ease into the holidays ahead of us, so kick your feet up and have a lazy Tuesday for the next 10 minutes or so. Just be sure you don't have the volume up too loud.