Ferrari F1 Simulator

Ferrari F1 Simulator

Ferrari has launched the ultimate driving simulator to help hone its F1 cars and drivers, but weighing in at more than 200 tons, with ten computers, five giant 3D video screens and a 3,500 watt Dolby sound system, this isn’t the type of driving game that you will find under your Christmas tree.

While Ferrari admits that no simulator can match the sensitivity and feel of an actual race car, it does allow the team to quickly test new technology and to race on new tracks without breaking the rules limiting testing in the real world.

The first virtual laps at the wheel of the simulator were driven by Andrea Bertolini, who worked with Ferrari engineers on the development of the project.

The Ferrari simulator, built with the technical support of Moog, consists of an aluminum and composite structure in which are fitted the F1 race car cockpit and the equipment which produces the images and sound.

The platform weighs around two tons by itself and is fitted with electronically controlled hydraulic actuators. The whole structure is fitted on a specially designed and built base, weighing two hundred tons and consuming up to 174 horsepower in electrical energy.

This news comes just a day after we reported that Ferrari was launching a new Driver Academy racing school to sharpen the skills of future potential F1 champions, signifying the determination Ferrari has to return to the top of motorsport’s highest echelon.



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