Giving a supercar the special edition treatment is an exercise in excess, but that's what the cars are all about, right? Two new cases in point: Aston Martin's Carbon Black DBS and V12 Vantage.

The Carbon Black treatment consists of a bespoke paint color--the eponymous Carbon Black--and for the V12 Vantage, the side strakes are made from carbon fiber backed by black mesh and 10-spoke alloy wheels. Both models get a bright-finish grille and front parking sensors. Don't think that sounds all that special? The special shade of black requires 50 man-hours of paint work per car.

Inside, lightweight carbon fiber/kevlar seats cut 35 pounds out of the cabin, and with piano black fascia and dash trim plus anodized aluminum black tread plates and unique sill plaques, there's no doubting this car's black theme. The V12 Vantage gets the 700-Watt Premium Audio System while the DBS enjoys sound from Bang & Olufsen's Beosound system.

In addition to the special look and equipment packages, purchasers of the Carbon Black editions will also get a free ticket to the Aston Martin Performance Driving Course to test the cars out and learn their limits--but only in the UK and Europe, so buy yours there or be prepared to pay your own way for the course.

The Carbon Black editions can be ordered directly through the Aston Martin dealer network. Prices will start from about 5% above standard pricing, with first deliveries in March, 2010. There's no certain word yet on whether the Carbon Black will be available in the U.S.

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