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Bob Lutz's challenge aside, there's no denying that the Cadillac CTS-V is one seriously impressive performer. It's only made all the more so by Hennessey's 700-plus-horsepower treatment of the car. But you know it's a whole different ball game when a street car accelerates so hard it activates its GM OnStar emergency system.

That's exactly what happens in the video below, with a Hennessey CTS-V700 running an 11-second, 128-mph quarter mile last week. The car rockets off the line, spinning the tires through first, most of second, and part of third, hitting at least 0.99 g of longitudinal acceleration along the way. And that's apparently enough to trigger the on-board sensor's "vehicle event" emergency alert system and merit a call from OnStar.

The video shows the event with in-car telemetry, including fully glorious audio of the run itself, so crank the volume and hit the clip below.