There's no doubt that Lexus was completely serious about building a supercar when it went about designing the LFA. With 552 horsepower, a singing 9,000 rpm V-10 engine and a $375,000 price tag, the car is every inch the Ferrari or Lamborghini competitor. But already talk of an even more focused, unrestrained version is making the rounds.

Paul Williamsen, National Manager of Lexus College, revealed to Autoblog's Damon Lavrinc that the company is considering a stripped-down focused track version of the LFA, not unlike the Scuderia version of the Ferrari F430 or the Super Veloce/Superleggera Lamborghinis.

If Lexus does move forward with the track-day LFA, it will deduct them from the 500-unit cap on production--it will simply be an optional configuration when ordering. Considering the ultimate purpose of many, if not most, LFAs will be hot lapping on open track days--these will almost certainly be third, fourth, and even 20th cars for most buyers--it makes a lot of sense to offer a factory-prepped special.

It could also help bridge the gap between Lexus's earlier plans to build a limited number of the cars for a spec series and the current plans to limit production strictly. Private race teams could buy the track-spec LFAs to use as they wish, with most of the prep already subsumed in the price.

Considering the car has adjustable suspension in standard form, a curb weight just over 3,200 pounds and its massive power output, it's not far from being race-worthy as it sits. Subtracting some unnecessary interior and electronic equipment, and adding some safety features is about all it would take.

The decision isn't yet final, according to the report, but it almost makes too much sense not to do.