John Mayer rolls in a Ferrari 599 GTB

John Mayer rolls in a Ferrari 599 GTB

For being such a folksy, down-to-earth, acoustic guitar-strumming free spirit, John Mayer sure does like his cars. And we don't just mean, like, a Toyota Prius or even a murdered-out MINI. Our boy rolls with the moderately big leagues: within the past year or so, he's been spotted in a Ferrari 599 GTB, a Gulf Oil Ford GT, and most recently, an Audi R8. (The fuel economy on most of those explains why the paps tend to catch him at the pump.)

Mayer also has at least one on-again, off-again trophy girlfriend in Jennifer Anniston; notches on his belt from Katy Perry and Jessica Simpson; and presumably a couple of claw marks from Jennifer Love Hewitt and Minka Kelly.

So basically, you could say that Mayer likes his blues slow, his cars fast, and his, equally fast. (Not that we'd want to impugn the pristine reputation of Jessica Simpson.)

Of course, that's more than enough evidence to raise an eyebrow of suspicion. Typically, when guys like that much flash and...easy lovin', it's a sign that they're trying to compensate for something. Then we heard that an entire Palm Springs gay bar (allegedly) watched Mayer get a kiss from some guy, and, well, the pieces (allegedly) started falling into place.

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