The baby daddy of the Magic Jesus Phone is back on the job. And now that Steve Jobs is commuting again to Apple, he's also back to putting his car where it doesn't belong.

Gawker says Jobs is famous in Silicon Valley for parking his Benz SL in the handicapped spaces at work. While he underwent treatment for liver disease that ended in a transplant this year, Jobs had a chauffeur bring him to and from the Apple campus in Cupertino, which left the spaces open for the disabled. Now that he's back to a daily slog, insiders are showin' and tellin' how Jobs is using the handicapped parking spots up front at the offices for his sporty Benz roadster.

Just one more thing: Jobs also runs his SL without a license plate. That's at least a $200 fine. Where's Erik Estrada when you need him?

[Gawker; photo by Nicholas Brown]