If a company going by the name of IFR Automotive rings a bell, it may just be because of its recently unveiled Aspid Sports Car, which combined an enclosed cockpit and composite materials with a classic Lotus Seven-style semi-open-wheeled layout. Now, the Spanish company says it is in the midst of developing a new technology for high-end sports cars that could give drivers the ability to finely tune almost every aspect of vehicle management without having to get their tool kits out - including the suspension settings, steering, ECU and throttle.

What IFR is referring to is not the sort of thing we've seen on BMW's M5, where a number of settings such as 'Comfort', 'Sport', or 'Track' are given. Instead, drivers will be able to exactly adjust each setting to the precise degree they require.

IFR is hoping that if the technology proves viable, drivers will be able to sit in their cars and adjust suspension settings or throttle mapping via a touch screen. Speaking with Autocar, IFR head honcho Ignacio Fernandez Rodriguez explained that the technology could be used to perfectly fine tune a vehicle for a certain track, such as the Nurburgring, and then have those settings saved without ever having to use tools to adjust the suspension or be satisfied with a programmed setting.

Obviously the technology is not intended for the everyday driver, but IFR claims that a number of auto manufacturers have expressed interest in the system for their more high-end, high-performance models. Currently, the system is still in development, along with some other technologies, but should it prove useful then we may just see it in the next sports car from IFR, and possibly even other manufacturers.