For many, Jaguar's 1961 E-Type epitomized the perfect sports car: powerful performance, stunning good looks and Jaguar build quality.

But while many have admired the car from afar, few have taken up the obsession that British company Eagle now holds for the E-Type, having operated for over 27 years now with an exclusive focus on building and restoring E-Types.

As part of their enthusiasm for the E-Type, Eagle is now offering up its own E-Type - the Eagle E-Type. Before readers dismiss this as an unworthy replica, it’s important to understand that unlike replica cars, Eagle actually begins with a completely original car, and then restores it to sell onto customers. Eagle actually takes the mechanical components and restores them so that they are as good or better than new. These parts are then placed into a new monocoque body built at Eagle, and after around 3,500 man hours the hand-built car will be ready for delivery - how many replicas have that level of labor put into them?

While the looks are obviously the most important element, Eagle also makes the car feel like an E-Type, with a custom interior that harks back to classic Jaguar styling. Meanwhile, performance is customizable depending on how much power is required, and Eagle will also supply race braking systems and suspensions if required.

The price for all that labor, knowledge and construction doesn't come in cheap, with Eagle admitting that its cars cost around the same price as a new Ferrari or Aston Martin - but the company argues that the exclusivity of owning "the most beautiful car in the world" in perfect condition is definitely worth it.