You'd think that spending the time, effort and money to get another 92hp out of your car would yield more than 0.1 seconds in the 0-62mph dash and the same top speed, but for the Swiss tuners at Sportec, that's unfortunately exactly what happened. Despite cranking the car up to 425hp from the stock 333hp, the resulting vehicle just isn't much faster.

It sports a more aggressive look, however, thanks to a body kit and 19 or 20in wheels. Handling should be improved as well, with a 30mm lower ride height, stiffer springs and upgraded brakes also on tap.

Of course, despite the small gain in 0-62mph acceleration, performance all over the rest of the charts is improved, illustrating that acceleration from a stop isn't the be-all, end-all of performance metrics.

In-gear acceleration, rolling acceleration and everyday driving will all be improved by the extra power, and Sportec claims it does it all while delivering a significant savings in fuel consumption versus the similarly powerful Audi 4.2L V8 found in other vehicles.

Like many of Sportec's tuning packages, the S4 Avant kit can be had piecemeal or as a complete treatment, with each part customizable by the buyer.