• sportec audi s4 avant 006

    You'd think that spending the time, effort and money to get another 92hp out of your car would yield more than 0.1 seconds in the 0-62mph dash and the same top speed, but for the Swiss tuners at Sportec, that's unfortunately exactly what happened. Despite cranking the car up to 425hp from the stock 333hp, the resulting vehicle just isn't much faster. It sports a more aggressive look, however, thanks to a body kit and 19 or 20in wheels. Handling should be improved as well, with a 30mm lower ride height, stiffer springs and upgraded brakes also on tap. Of course, despite the small gain in...

  • Mercedes Benz bicycle
    Mercedes Benz launches high-end bicycle range

    Before the invention of the automobile, cycling was a popular way to get around and even today many developing countries feature far greater numbers of cyclists then motorists. That at least goes some way into explaining this new range of bicycles from Mercedes Benz, which the automaker claims...

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