Though it's often overshadowed by the fantastic E30, the E36 M3 has become a favorite of aficionados, and no color showed off that M3's pavement prowess as well as the brilliant Dakar Yellow. Now IND Distribution has taken that familiar color and laid it over the newest M3, and it's sure to stir a nostalgic feeling in every Bimmer-lover's hearts.

But IND doesn't stop with the color. To ensure the new Dakar Yellow M3 - the first in North America - gets the respect it commands with its loud visual presence, IND added up-rated Brembo racing brakes, 18in HRE Monoblock racing wheels, a software upgrade from AA, a front, side and rear body kit, new mirror caps, and painted or tinted lights and reflectors. A custom exhaust by Eisenmann kicks up the audio accompaniment from the high-revving V8 under the hood.

Pricing and availability of the IND Distribution E92 M3 with the E36 vibe haven't been released yet, but in the mean time you can check out the video below to hear the results of IND's exhaust tuning.

IND Distribution Dakar Yellow E92 M3 with custom Eisenmann exhaust