Last week we brought you news of Alfa Romeo's plans for the U.S. and the support and enthusiasm that's growing over Alfa's attractive designs. This week there's news of cars going the other way across the Atlantic, this time Dodges to be re-branded as Alfa Romeos for Europe.

It's not the only brand-switcharoo planned for Fiat and Chrysler, but it might be the most significant for Americans. Finding a way to meet Alfa Romeo's needs with re-purposed Dodge vehicles could help reinvigorate U.S. production and supply chains.

Marchionne sees a lot of overlap between the Dodge and Alfa Romeo brands. “Dodge is the American muscle car, while Alfa Romeo is the European muscle car. How we dovetail these two brands is very important,” said Marchionne according to an Autocar report.

The implication is that the Alfa Romeo brand would compete with Dodge if it were to be offered side by side, and so Marchionne is also believed to be considering selling all Alfas in the U.S. as Dodges.

There are also reports that Fiat vehicles, not well-loved for their last stint in the U.S., may be re-branded and sold as Alfa Romeos.

Such a plan would sidestep the sticky issue of the Fiat brand reputation in the U.S. while still allowing an outlet for all brands both here and abroad, yet avoiding undue competition between brands.

Returning to the issue of selling Dodges as musclecars in Europe for a moment, consider what an Alfa Romeo re-body of a Dodge Viper might end up like. Remember, too, that Fiat was recently handed the reins of the Viper business. Now that's a partnership to look forward to.