Even V8 performance groups like Holden Special Vehicles (HSV) cannot afford to ignore the new spate of environmental consciousness that’s sweeping the globe. Whether it’s a case of consumers griping about how much they have to pay for fuel, or a genuine desire for greener performance cars, HSV is listening to the people and is currently working on several major developments in the area.

Of course, more power never goes astray and for its latest update to the popular E-Series Commodore range, simply dubbed E-Series 2, HSV will be lifting power of its 6.2L V8 family by approximately 2.5%. Fuel economy, meanwhile, will improve by about 5%.

Set to go on sale in Australia this September, and eventually to other markets where HSV products are sold such as the UK and the Middle East, the new range will use the current 6.2-litre V8 but is expected to consume up to one litre less fuel per 100km. That will improve fuel economy to above 16.8mpg (14L/100km). Peak power will also jump to around 430 to 436hp (320 to 325kW) from the current 425hp (317kW), reports Drive.

To differentiate the new range, the E-Series 2 cars will get some minor styling changes matching the changes planned for the facelifted VF Holden Commodore range also due in September.