Fans of the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro have already placed orders for over 25,000 vehicles, only half of which have been filled since the car went on sale. Demand hasn't let up even a little bit despite the overall downturn in the economy and market, with the average Camaro leaving the lot in a new owner's hands in a matter of days.

Prices are staying high due to the demand, too, reports Bloomberg. While most of the cars on the market have some sort of financing or cash-back incentive on them - both from American and import carmakers - the Camaro has none. And it's actually selling for about $500 over sticker price.

That's a remarkable feat, all things considered, and has to make critics of the retro-modern muscle car think twice about GM's wisdom in bringing the car to market.

The 2010 Camaro is available in a range of trims, starting at the entry-level V6-powered LS and mid-range LT model, and ending at the grin-inducing 6.2L V8-powered SS models. Both six-speed automatic and six-speed manual gearboxes are available to catch the array of casual cruisers, stylish commuters and hardcore enthusiasts that are buying the Camaro.

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