In its efforts to further reduce costs and streamline is business, Nissan has announced that it will be shutting down its Michigan design studio and cutting back on roughly 100 white-collar jobs in North America, mostly from its sales and marketing operations. The plan will see the carmaker integrate its Michigan design team with the current Nissan Design America headquarters in San Diego, California, by April 1.

While the Michigan design studio, located just outside of Detroit, will be shut, an adjacent research and development center will be kept running, Nissan spokesperson Katherine Zachary confirmed to Automotive News.

Four regional sales offices across the United States will also be closed. These include offices in Herndon, Va., Pleasanton, Calif., Aurora, Ill., and Atlanta.

Nissan, like most carmakers, has been hit by the downturn in the global economy and has seen its sales in the United States alone drop 11% over the past year.