Special editions and the Mini seem to go together like rubber and asphalt, with no fewer than three out in the last month, including the luxury-focused Mayfair Edition (pictured). But the next special edition could be something special, indeed.

Built in cooperation with Rolls Royce, the new Mini would focus primarily on upgrading the interior experience. Coachbuilt Minis actually have something of a history in the UK, reports Autocar, and the latest Rolls Royce Mini would seek to tap into that vein.

Exactly what would be found in the interior of a Rolls Royce Mini is still unknown, but high-grade leather upholster, wood and metal trim elements, re-styled console elements and a unique color scheme are tipped as likely inclusions.

There's no timeline yet for a release, but it's believed that the Rolls-Mini collaboration is already at the late prototype stage, so an announcement could be coming any time now.