Supercar performance from a 638hp supercharged V8 engine, carbon fiber bodywork and sharp styling should all add up to a price tag in the $200,000+ range if you look to the competition, but the Corvette ZR1's unmatched value put its sticker price at just $104,920 for 2009. That price will be going up for 2010, but not enough to push the ZR1 from its bang-for-the-buck pedestal.

Pricing for 2010 will start from $107,830, a rise of $2,910 over the 2009 sticker, reports CorvetteBlogger. Once you add in the $1,700 gas guzzler tax, the total climbs to $109,530 for the 3,333lb (1,512kg) 2010 Corvette ZR1.

That's still about half the price of its nearest performance rivals, and only about $20,000 over the 480hp (358kW), 3,800lb (1,727kg) Nissan GT-R.

Aside from the modest 2.8% price bump, the 2010 ZR1 will also get launch control and the new Performance Traction Management system, both worth the expense in their own right. A new optional 'competition gray' wheel package will also be available, as will new interior and exterior color options.

The standard Corvette also saw a slight price rise this year, up $365, though it also gets the upgraded launch control and traction management systems.