We've all seen it, we've all done it: a stupid move on the road prompts angry reactions. It's really not much different than standing in line, except everyone weighs 3,000lb and is moving at 60mph - which raises the stakes a bit.

But some places are worse for road rage than others, and a study released today by Autovantage says that New York is the worst city in America for the problem. Miami had previously held the dubious distinction of harboring the angriest drivers in the nation.

The survey only looks at the 25 biggest metro areas, presumably because the more traffic there is, the angrier people get. Their criteria included polling 2,518 people for the number of tailgaters, speeders, horn honkers and visible anger from drivers.

Unsurprisingly, the single largest cause of road rage was cell phone use. Yes, it is a distracting force. Yes, that includes you, even if you're using a hands-free device. And no, chances are that call is not that important. And you can leave texting right out.

New Yorkers were the most numerous offenders, but they'll be proud to know they are also the most likely to wave an arm, gesture with a hand or blast their horn. Anyone who's crossed a street in the Big Apple knows this to be true first hand.

Dishonorable mention also goes to the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area, Detroit, Atlanta, and Minneapolis/St. Paul. Miami didn't even make the top five, sliding in at 7th.

For the friendliest places to drive in the U.S., visit Portland, Cleveland, Baltimore, Sacramento and Pittsburgh.
Via: The Car Connection