As many of you would know, the current financial crisis has led to certain industries being forced to lay off hundreds, or even thousands of workers. The Detroit auto industry was one of the worst hit, with major companies such as General Motors and Chrysler teetering on the brink up bankruptcy for months, and laying off thousands of employees in the process.

As a way to offer some positivity, late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel and rap artist Eminem will be bringing around 200 laid-off auto workers from Michigan to Hollywood for an exclusive concert.

The auto workers, many of whom live and worked in the Detroit area will come to Los Angeles to enjoy a rare talk and musical performance by Eminem. The following week, each of the chosen autoworkers, along with a guest, will also be invited to an Eminem concert in Detroit.

Jay Leno also committed himself to helping Detroit's auto workers with his Comedy Stimulus Plan, which saw him performing for both current and former employees of Detroit's auto industry for free.

While we're pretty sure a free concert or comedy performance won't do much to help these auto workers get their jobs back, the organizers are hoping that providing laid-off workers with some entertainment will help show the rest of the nation how strong Detroit is - although most of them won't be able to spark off successful rap careers as Eminem's character in the film '8 Mile' did.