Love it or hate it, the BMW 3-series Coupe has a lot going for it - price, performance and features are all at a sweet spot for the market. That makes it a prime candidate for aftermarket add-ons, as owners of the popular car seek to differentiate their particular example. Enter Lumma Design with a tasteful set of upgrades that won't set off the 'spaetzel' detectors of most critics.

Homing in on what makes most 3-series Coupe owners tick, Lumma offers only appearance upgrades for the car so far, including chrome exhaust pipes, a front, rear and side skirt kit, plus a trunk-lid spoiler, roof spoiler. If that's not enough, you can add special composite front fenders with M3-esque ducts and 19in alloys.

The total price of the upgrade package is €4,149 ($5,500) without the wheels or €9,049 ($11,990) with them. That's a pretty big pill to swallow by American standards, but compared to the European price of the car, it's not unreasonable. And it's one of the few kits that won't flag you as a 17-year-old spending Daddy's money.