The original Fast and the Furious movie was pretty decent. Sure, it had the odd cheesy line (“I live life a quarter mile at a time”), but it’s safe to say most car fans would have enjoyed it. With the release of the next two flicks, quality started to slide and the cars simply got lamer. So much so that by the end of Tokyo Drift it seemed pretty safe to assume that the franchise was well and truly dead.

Now the fourth instalment is out and some of the cred of the first movie has been restored and once again there are a series of modified rides that are no longer needed. While previous cars used in the movies have been sold privately, many of the cars from the latest flick have turned up on eBay.

You’ll find cars like the Camaro used to portray the F-Bomb, a Buick Grand National from the opening fuel truck hijacking scene, a 1970s Plymouth Hammer replica and a Nissan 350Z modified to the hilt. But buyers should be warned - many of these cars are actually damaged.

Speaking with Edmunds, Fast & Furious' Picture Car Coordinator Dennis McCarthy explained that these were all the cars that couldn't be reasonably fixed. "Anything that was worth fixing, we saved and is still owned by Universal. All those cars are out doing promotional appearances all over the place. We got rid of all the junk," he revealed.