Infrared nightvision displays have up to now only been available as an option on the highest-end luxury vehicles, police helicopters and military devices. Now it's available for installation on any car or motorcycle thanks to FLIR's PathFindIR.

Though the PathFindIR system may not be as cleverly integrated or as fully-featured as some Mercedes-Benz or BMW installations, it is in fact the same core hardware found in the Mercedes NightVision Assist system.

Pricing of the system in a one-off aftermarket setting hasn't yet been announced, though some resellers are offering the PathFindIR unit without a display for about $4,000 - a hefty premium over the charge by most OEMs to install the system, complete with display and warning systems.

But those willing to forge ahead will have the ability to completely customize their installation, taking advantage of the unit's 320x240 resolution, 1000ft (300m) visibility range and 36-degree field of view (FOV). For more details on how the PathFindIR works or how it can be installed in your own car, check out the video below.

Installing the PathFindIR nightvision system by FLIR