Europe's Office for Harmonization of the Internal Market (OHIM) maintains a trademark database that helps to ensure a minimum of conflict and easy filing for claims. That same database also lets slip basic sketches of car designs before their official unveiling on a regular basis, and this time the Nissan 370Z Roadster gets its unofficial debut.

Though the simple line drawings reveal nothing in terms of materials, the key details of profile, function and outline are all present. The last-generation 350Z Roadster was often criticized for its top-up looks, with a soft top that looked like a complete after-thought, ruining the good lines and meaty proportions of the car.

This time around, the Roadster appears to have been designed as such, and though none of the examples give the car's profile in top-down mode, it looks remarkably more svelte and thought out than its predecessor. The odd rear decklid proportions appear to be gone, replaced instead by a much curvier, more coupe-like roof line with the top up.

The illustrations also seem to indicate the car will have ground clearance in the neighborhood of 8in, however, so take the illustrations with a grain of salt. Nevertheless, they are officially sourced images and can be expected to at least foreshadow what will come when the Roadster is officially unveiled.

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