The U.S. is the luckiest nation on earth when it comes to cars. Aside from a few models here and there (the Euro-spec Focus RS being a real sticking point) Americans can buy pretty much every car worth having within their borders. Today America gets a whole lot luckier - Mercedes’ SLR McLaren 722 GT is coming via RENNtech, the exclusive distributor of the SLR 722 GT in North America.

A track-day special, the SLR 722 GT delivers a real racing experience in a truly beautiful package. Built for the track by British race specialists RML Group, the SLR 722 GT offers impressive power and cornering - just what you’d expect from a race car. If the sheer performance isn’t enough to induce daydreams of triple-mortgaging the house to buy one of these 795,000€/US$1.2 million cars, the exquisite styling and extreme exclusivity will have you wishing you were born an heir to a very, very large fortune.

Only 21 SLR 722 GTs will be built, so just seeing one is an event worth documenting, and those lucky enough to get behind the wheel will certainly find the 670hp motor, the fierce downforce-inducing rear wing and slim (compared to stock) 1390kg curb weight combine to make a true beast on the track. A full 270kg lighter than a production SLR 722, the GT also includes FIA-spec safety equipment, fully adjustable suspension, full-race brakes and a track-only exhaust.