Nissan earlier this month revealed details for its new limited-production GT-R SpecV model, which goes on sale in Japan early in February and is expected to arrive in the U.S. later this year. The SpecV is targeted specifically at enthusiast drivers who desire race car-level performance in a street-legal vehicle. Today we have live photos of the car taken at a dealership in Nagoya, Japan.

Based on the new ‘Series II’ GT-R, the SpecV model includes unique body, interior and performance equipment and modifications, raising the already potent supercar’s performance to even higher levels.

The SpecV's new exterior features include a carbon-fiber rear spoiler, a carbon-fiber grille, and carbon-fiber brake ducts. The special edition is also available with an exclusive ‘Ultimate Black Opal’ paint scheme – a unique purplish black, found on the car in the live photos below. Inside, the car comes with only the two front seats, which themselves are special Recaro carbon-fiber buckets. More carbon-fiber is used for the rear center storage box, instrument panel and other trim areas.

Performance is enhanced with a new high gear boost control device, which momentarily increases boost of the engine's twin turbochargers for greater torque in the intermediate-to-high speed ranges to provide a more powerful feeling of acceleration, while also allowing the engine to operate at a lower speed for improved fuel economy. Other modifications include a titanium-coated exhaust system and carbon-ceramic brakes that provide powerful stopping performance.

Nissan is yet to reveal official power figures but output is expected to be similar to the 478hp (356kW) level offered in the standard Series II model.

Instead, Nissan engineers have focused on handling performance, equipping the car with lightweight, racing-style forged aluminum wheels developed by Nismo. The lighter unsprung weight provided by the new wheels, together with the enhanced braking capability, an exclusive suspension and high-grip tires, combine to deliver improved race-track performance.

The new SpecV officially made its world debut at the recent Tokyo Auto Salon. Pricing will start at ¥15,750,000 in Japan, which is roughly double the price of the standard model.

Nissan GT-R SpecV official Nurburgring test video