Ohio tuning firm RDP Performance has cooked up a special version of the new Dodge Challenger SRT8 for last month's Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Show in Florida. Taking a stock SRT8, which comes with an already impressive 425hp when it rolls out of the factory, RDP Performance has extensively modified the car to produce a stunning 1,000hp - all channeled through the car's rear wheels.

RDP Performance's goal with the car was to create a Dodge Challenger capable of completing the quarter-mile sprint in nine seconds. To put that goal in perspective, the $1 million, 1,001 hp Bugatti Veyron takes around 10 seconds to complete the quarter-mile, so the engineers over at RDP Performance knew that they would have their work cut out for them.

To give the Challenger all that power, a slew of modifications were made, with various parts manufactured by RDP themselves and other parts bought from performance parts companies. The massive horsepower increases come largely from two items - a one-of-a-kind Twin Bullet/RDP Harrop Supercharger system and a nitrous boosting system from Nitrous Express.

The other modifications include a new fitted rear end with custom 1/2 shaft and a quaife centre, a 3,800rpm high stall converter to help launch the car with more torque, new step headers from Kooks and a custom exhaust system manufactured on site by RDP Performance at their Ohio headquarters.

Amazingly, despite making the Challenger put out more than double its factory output, RDP Performance is still using the factory transmission, although they have implemented their own transmission control module to control it.
Via: Challenger Blog