With BMW’s new 2010 Z4 just around the corner, this latest kit for the current-generation E85 Coupe and Roadster from Germany’s DStyle may be one of the last of its kind for this particular model. The kit is the new Z4CS (Coupe version) and Z4RS (Roadster version) and it contains a total of ten new accessories for the car.

The package includes a new hood, revised doors and tailgate, pumped fenders (with 50mm extra girth up front and 70mm at the rear), plus a new set of lightweight forged 19in alloy wheels and sports tires. The design also features a pair of custom side mirrors, new side skirts and a sports exhaust system.

DStyle is currently run by German-native Dominik Schwager and has been active in motorsports for the past 20 years. Pricing for the tuner’s latest Z4 kit starts at €8,900.