Indianapolis hosted its last United States GP in 2007, and North America has now slipped off the calendar altogether with the recent demise of the Canadian GP at Montreal, which will not be a part of the 2009 F1 schedule. According to Honda team principal Nick Fry, however, F1 officials are in discussions to bring the international racing series back to the U.S.

Speaking with Bloomberg, Fry revealed that talks are ongoing to reinstate American races by 2010, with a return to Indianapolis as just one of the options on the table. He hinted that the race could be held in an altogether different American venue.

"I know that discussions are proceeding at pace on other venues in America and all the teams are extremely hopeful those come to fruition as early as possible," said Fry. He also revealed that one venue has been slated near one of the biggest cities in the United States.

"Going back to Indianapolis is one option," he admitted. "But from a brand point of view, to be on the East coast in New York or somewhere on the West coast would be better." This opens up options for races to be held in New York or Los Angeles, cities which may not be known for their motorsports, but both of which have spades of F1-requisite glamour and appeal.

The Briton said North America is a "vital market" for the car manufacturers and many of the sponsors involved in F1, thus returning North America to the F1 fold is integral for the sport's success. It has also been said that the reinstatement and future of the Canadian GP would be helped by pairing it with a race in the United States.