Rumors surrounding the uncertain future of Pontiac have begun to step up intensity despite a revamped product lineup and a sporty new direction. Cars like the Solstice roadster and G8 saloon have ignited interest in the brand but there is mounting speculation that both these models could be axed after their current product cycles come to an end.

We recently reported that General Motors was likely to drop its Kappa RWD platform used in the Solstice because of its relatively high expense. Now, Edmunds claims that the Zeta-based G8 will likely be dropped from GM’s portfolio as well. The car it is based on, the Australian market VE Commodore is set to be extensively updated in about five years time and according to the report there are no plans to bring the updated car to North America.

This will leave Pontiac with zero RWD models, bringing to an end the dream of GM product planner and vice chairman Bob Lutz to make Pontiac America’s BMW.

The main factors behind the decision are said to be impending CAFE regulations, limited corporate resources, and a new strategy within GM to drastically shrink its current portfolio by eliminating low-profit models.

The mid-size G6 won’t move to a RWD structure as previously speculated either. Limited funding for development means the new model will likely be based on the Chevy Malibu. Meanwhile, the smaller end of the Pontiac lineup will continue to be front-drive and shared with the rest of GM, leaving little reason for the brand to exist.