The Paris Motor Show is rife with Peugeot concept cars today, and nearly all of them feature the new HYmotion4 all-wheel-drive hybrid diesel-electric drivetrain. Designed for both performance and efficiency, the HYmotion4 system delivers on both accounts - on paper at least.

Rated at 68mpg and generating 200hp in its application in the Prologue family sedan, for example, the HYmotion4 system combines the torque and efficiency of diesel with the clean-running and efficient electric system for lower speed city driving. The AWD system is a unique one, and its configuration manages to eliminate the primary drawback: weight.

By putting the diesel drivetrain up front, where it can drive the front wheels, and the electric motor at the rear, where it drives the rear wheels, Peugeot has eliminated the need for heavy and bulky transfer cases, driveshafts and differentials. Eliminating so much weight and material from the driveline itself also improves efficiency by reducing parasitic losses.

At the center of the HYmotion4 system ies a 2.0L HDi diesel engine with FAP particulate filter, a start-stop system and a six-speed automatic gearbox. Combined with the rear-mounted electric motor and a battery pack that's capable of regenerating energy under braking, the HYmotion4 system presents a fully parallel hybrid design to maximize traction, performance and efficiency.