Our favorite Swiss car company has taken its Splash concept carfrom England to France in a world record attempt for a hydrofoil. The amphibious car was first shown at the 2004 Geneva Motor Show, but will never go in to production.

Because it’s a hydrofoil and glides above the water, the Splash has much lower resistance to water than other amphibious vehicles and therefore a higher speed. It can hit approximately 124 mph on the road, 32 mph on the water and 50 mph 'flying' over the water.

The Rinspeed Splash is powered by a 0.75-liter twin-cylinder engine from Weber Motor, which is primarily used in personal water craft and snowmobiles made by America's Polaris. The main reasons for picking this engine were its extremely small dimensions, coupled with a light weight and a high power output.

Rinspeed has built the Splash purely as a proof of concept. Sadly, there are no plans for future production.


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