Luxury hotel consortium, Luxury Resort Villas, based in Las Vegas has commissioned specialty automaker, DiMora Motorcar, to build 10 super-luxury sedans at a cost of $2 million a piece. The handcrafted automobiles are to feature a 1,200-horsepower "Volcano" V16 engine with production in Palm Springs, and should start delivery by 2008 – but don’t hold your breath. The fact that DiMora was able to build 1200hp V16 is quite hard to swallow considering the difficulties a company the size of Volkswagen had developing its Veyron engine.

Going by the name, Natalia SLS 2 Sport, only a few select regions will be provided with the new vehicle, including Dubai, Las Vegas and Tuscany. Some of the exclusive features that the Natalia will provide include a headlight mounted video projector, a $12,000 limited-production Natalia lady's purse and paint that changes color depending on the weather - they’d probably need to sell a thousand of those purses just to break even.

Seeing that the car is less than two years away, and all there's to show are a few computer generated renderings, we wouldn’t be surprised if this proves to be just a promotional stunt. Why a luxury sedan requires a 1,200 hp engine is anyone’s guess.

[Source: Luxist]