Combining the French love affair of big noses and high-tech diesels engines, Peugeot have created a stunning luxury sedan concept labelled the 908 RC. Due to make an official appearance at this year's Paris Auto Show, the 908 RC concept will showcase design trends that will filter down across new models from the French automaker.

The 908 RC combines familiar coupe-like styling with a sedan body, which includes an extremely long rear end with pumped guards. This drops down to an aggressive rear diffuser housing a set of menacing looking quad tailpipes. The interior is covered in opulent leather with extensive fine detailing such as the perforated leather and brushed aluminum around the door handles. Special features that won’t be making to a production model anytime soon are the futuristic looking touchscreen control panels for both front and rear passengers.

Propulsion comes from a monstrous V-12 turbodiesel which develops 700hp (522kW) and 885 foot-pounds (1200Nm) of torque. Stay tuned for more coverage of the car at the September Paris Auto Show.