Honda has announced that it will be launching the Mugen name in the US with the planned release of a limited-edition Mugen Civic Si sedan in spring next year. Mugen is a Japanese tuning house with very close ties with Honda, and has been enhancing and racing Honda vehicles since the 1970’s. Mugen was actually founded by the son of the Soichiro Honda, the man who started the Honda Motors.

AutoWeek is reporting that the Mugen Civic Si package is more cosmetic than performance. The kit includes a new front spoiler with a sports grille bearing the Mugen Si emblem, side spoilers and a rear wing. Ride and handling is improved thanks to the lowered suspension kit and light weight aluminum wheels. The 197hp 2.0L four-cylinder engine is left untouched, as well as the six-speed manual.

The company plans to produce only 500 units. The model will sell for less than $30,000. The base price of the Si sedan is $21,895, including the $595 destination charge.