Nissan is considering the purchase of assets from US carmakers to help it expand its current manufacturing capabilities in North America. Nissan executive Daniel Gaudette has detailed that the outcome will depend on “what's available, when it's available and then what our needs are."

Reuters is reporting that Nissan has three plants in the US and two in Mexico but is considering buying key assets from General Motors to cope with the planned introductions of seven new models. GM is closing up to a dozen factories through 2008 with Ford dropping 16 by 2012.

This is good news for US autoworkers when you consider that Nissan was forced to move production of some models including the Quest minivan back to Japan. The company is running at close to 90% of its capacity, so Nissan desperately needs more manufacturing capacity in North America. Further, Gaudette mentioned that Nissan would also purchase equipment to refurbish its current facilities.