German tuner HAMANN has worked its magic over the BMW 535d, which in its enhanced state develops 350hp (257kW) and a whopping 660Nm of torque. The 535d is considered one of the Bavarian carmaker’s best, and in its standard form offers a superb combination of performance and frugality, not to mention excellent value.

Until now, it was considered almost impossible to extract more from the already highly tuned diesel motor. Changes to the turbo-charging system sees top speed without the electronic limiter rise to 276km/h, with the 0-100km/h dash taking just 5.8 seconds – in a diesel!

To visually set the modified version apart, HAMANN has added several elements from the M aerodynamics package in addition to its own aero parts, plus a lowered suspension kit riding on unique forged 20in wheels. Optional extras include a set of coilovers and performance brake package. Inside, the car receives a new sports steering wheel, and a splashing of aluminum and carbon trim.

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Diesel Hit from HAMANN: 535d with up to 350 horsepower under the hood

*Aerodynamic elements for vehicles with M aerodynamics package

*Diesel tuning up to 350 HP; 660 Nm torque

*Different wheel designs, 20-inch and lowering kit

*Interior finishing with sport steering wheel, aluminum parts and carbon

HAMANN, the car refiner from Laupheim, is now expanding its product range for the BMW 5-Series E60/61 with attachments for vehicles with the M aerodynamics package. Besides the aerodynamics components, HAMANN also offers other conversion measures. Diesel drivers can expect major performance increases. Up to 350 HP is possible!

Up to 276 km/h - in a diesel!

BMW's range of engines leaves no wishes unfulfilled. Or do they? In any case, customers can choose from four different types of engines. Whether it is the 520d, 525d, 530d, or 535d - the Bavarian manufacturer offers the right unit to meet the needs. However, needs can grow! So a visit to HAMANN is recommended to anyone wanting more performance. The company from Laupheim can help put an edge to all versions by reprogramming the series engine management. HAMANN extracts performance values from the top diesel model, the 535d, which were considered impossible until now. In the first phase, the tuner increases power to 319 HP/235 kW. The maximum torque of 630 Nm makes it possible to get impressive in-gear performance figures. The limousine can make the sprint from 0-100 km/h in 5.9 seconds instead of the standard 6.5 seconds (add 0.1 s for the estate model). The top speed - HAMANN removes the Vmax governor - increases to 267 km/h. In a second phase (sports version), the 3-litre straight-six engine with a register turbocharger achieves an unbelievable 350 HP/257 kW and applies a titanic 660 Nm to the crankshaft. The acceleration values then improve once again by one-tenth of a second. The resulting 276 km/h is enough to drive one or two sports car drivers to despair. Don't forget, we're talking about a diesel!

Besides diesel tuning, HAMANN of course also offers tuning for gas engines.

Anyone who orders an E60/E61 with the M aerodynamics package (part of the M sports package from the BMW range of products) will find the matching additional aerodynamics components at HAMANN. The front is given especially impressive lines through the competition front spoiler, which reduces the lift. It fits into the M lines perfectly. The classical BMW markings, the double-kidneys, can be masked with a HAMANN kidney cover, which discretely highlights the sportier look.

A pair of HAMANN side skirts provides optical lowering on one hand, and furthermore, they ensure a more impressive side view that what is provided by the smooth side profile. As an optical counterweight to the front spoiler, there is a HAMANN spoiler for the rear (not for the estate) where it is responsible for reducing lift. If you order a HAMANN 4-pipe, muffler rear section, you should also order a rear styling conversion kit with an integrated diffuser at the same time to have the right look. The 5 series is given the final touch by the HAMANN sports mirror (for left-hand-drive up to year of construction 08/2005), which is electrically controlled and heated, or also hinged as an option.

Large wheels and lowering kit

20-inch wheels fit perfectly with the modified 5-Series. HAMANN offers the "Edition Race" design as the top model. The look of the three-section, ultra-light, forged rims with the cross-spoke design and a black rim star is characterized by the 9 main spokes, which each branch outwards into 2 others. Besides the exciting design, the titanium screw joints stand out in particular. The icing on the cake of the exquisite look is the mirror-finished rim flange. Besides the "Edition Race" wheel, HAMANN offers other of its own creations in the form of the wheel models "PG3" and "Anniversary I". Typical wheel/tire combinations:

9 J x 20 (front), 10.5 J x 20 (rear) / 245/30ZR 20, 285/25 ZR 20

9 J x 20 (front), 10.5 J x 20 (rear) / 255/30ZR 20, 295/25 ZR 20

There is a lowering kit to lower the body with progressive body springs. With this, the HAMANN 5-Series hovers above the pavement 40 mm lower at the front and 20 mm lower at the rear. Alternatively, HAMANN offers a sports coilover suspension. On request, a sports braking system for the front axle provides better deceleration values.

The Laupheim finishing specialists offer various interior accessories for the BMW 5-Series. For example, the customer can put in an interior set made of carbon for the instrument panel and the centre console in order to give the cockpit a breath of racing air. To turn this breath into a stiff breeze, there are also different aluminum elements. For example, HAMANN offers a footrest made of this light-weight metal, and a handbrake lever, as well as all the pedals. An exclusive set of foot mats with the HAMANN inscription in silver is also part of the range of interior products. For a complete transformation, there is a three-spoke HAMANN airbag sports steering wheel. Of course, HAMANN will change any 5-Series on the basis of the customer's individual requests. For example, exquisite leather finishing is also possible in various colors. Or, for example, there are extensive multimedia conversions with DVD, TV, or Playstation.